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since 1797



Royal Limoges is the oldest existing porcelain factory in Limoges today.

A two century old tradition together with the most advanced technology enabled Royal Limoges to remain one of the few family owned companies left.
Since 1797 the most well known characters of Limoges porcelain have taken part in its history: Alluaud, Clèment, Gérard, Dufraisseix, Abbot (G.D.A) and Lanternier.
Royal Limoges has been based at Faubourg des Cassaux (today named rue Donzelot) since 1816, close to the Vienne river which used to convey the wood for its kilns. The raw materials came from its kaolin and the clay was prepared in its own mills.
Today the company goes on making its own clay. Its patterns are all exclusive and designed by style specialists or by the designers of its own customers. Since many years now a highly sophisticated production plant located at Le Dorat, close to Limoges, adds its technique and know how to the traditional work done at Royal Limoges.
A very strong export tradition, a two century old creativity, an ongoing concern for quality and productivity enable Royal Limoges to market on of the most thorough and prestigious collections guaranteed "made an decorated in Limoges".
Dinner sets, table accessories, giftware and hotel porcelain are part of Royal Limoges collection to satisfy the most demanding customers.


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